Wroughton Junior School

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Wroughton Junior School is part of Wroughton Primary Federation


This website is no longer being updated.

Please visit our new Federation website at:


We would love to hear your comments by clicking on this link
Every member of our school community has contributed to making this a very special place – some might say extraordinary – and it is our aim that these pages will offer you a glimpse of some of the magic that happens here.

In sharing the everyday life of our school, we would like to celebrate our passion for learning, our sense of fun and our commitment to harnessing the potential of every child.
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Children's Work
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School Vision
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School Council
How do we capture the spirit of our school?

Every day, this community of learners is striving to be the best that it can be. We help the children to understand that a skilled wordsmith chooses a few words to capture a big idea. If Wroughton Junior School is the Big Idea, here is a selection of words from a talented group of wordsmiths with whom we are privileged to work with on a daily basis. They range from six to eleven years old and are more than capable of telling the ‘story of our school’ in their own words:
Everyone is equal here and we share.
People love learning here and the teachers make us want to learn.
We care about individuality and being unique…
We learn to get along and be friends with each other.
We achieve so many different things.
There is so much inspiration around you in this school.
Inverary Road

Phone number 01793 812339
Fax number 01793 845512
Acting Headteachers: Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wilson
Email Headteacher: head@wroughton-jun.swindon.sch.uk
Email Office: admin@wroughton-jun.swindon.sch.uk
Web: www.wroughtonjuniors.co.uk
Click here for a copy of the latest Wroughton Junior prospectus